Air Filtration Syatem

The TECHniques “Dust Trap” air filtration system delivers superior performance to OEM glass washer filter configurations. The system provides higher efficiency and lower resistance.

Dust Trap



The TECHniques “Dust Trap” easily replaces OEM filter setups in 45 minutes or less. The heart of the system is the filter element which is constructed of three-ply laminate of variable density dust barriers. A non-migrating tackifier on the surface of the final layer functions as a fourth filtration stage. Interceptor stations are arranged to arrest and permanently retain all solid particulate matter in proportion to their micron size. The filter element features one-piece cube-shaped geometry with self-sealing friction fit installation.

The TECHniques “Dust Trap” system increases filter surface area by 500% over typical OEM filter set-ups and provides 20% greater air flow to the air knife. It delivers 300% greater efficiency than fiberglass panel filters and 200% greater efficiency than pleated panel filters. The filtration media does not surface load, allows negligible downstream migration of collected dust particles and eliminates dirty air by-pass. The extended service life results in fewer change-outs and lower labor costs. The system exceeds UL Class II rating and requires no retaining hardware or supplemental wrap.

Upgrade the filtration system on your glass washer with the TECHniques “Dust Trap” system and experience superior performance, lower cost and premium quality.