Glass Washing Brushes


TECHniques offers a broad selection of brushes for domestic and imported glass washing machines. Each brush is designed and manufactured to provide superior washing performance and extended brush life.

Our brush cores use stainless steel components to resist corrosion. The cores are precision built and dynamically balanced at operational speed to ensure vibration-free performance.

Our “FineSET” Bristle Pattern chemically bonds monofilament nylon to the metal core. This provides the softest, most uniform contact with your glass.

Customers who use our “FineSET” brushes to wash Low-E and other Soft Coat glass report increased quality and productivity.

The full uniform density optimizes performance, extends brush life and virtually eliminates contamination by doing away with openings found on coil brushes.

Our “Tufted” bristle pattern chemically bonds groups of monofilament nylon in a staggered pattern to the metal core.

This design provides a stiffer scrubbing action for more aggressive washing applications without loss of conformity.

Our tufted brushes yield a long, consistently high-quality service life due to their chemical resistance and even bristle distribution.


Our re-bristle and trimming services offer significant savings over brush replacement and are available for all brushes regardless of where they were originally purchased.

Contact us for further information. We’ll recommend solutions to restore brush performance.

Our brushes are designed to be stripped and re-bristled to their original, “like new” condition when they become too worn to be trimmed.

We examine brush cores for shaft wear, core straightness and balance, then make any necessary repairs and apply new bristles.

If bristles wear unevenly, we will apply our proprietary TECHniques trimming process to restore the brush surface.

We perform our exclusive trimming service in-house so you benefit from our high standards of quality control, quick turn-around and minimized shipping costs.